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Learn to dive Netherlands PADI Open Water dive course

Although diving is considered to be a very safe and relaxing sport it does involve some inherent risks. Luckily these risks can be easily mitigated by proper training.

The best way to guarantee proper training is to provide plenty of personal attention to the student by the instructor. That's exactly why Aquatic Explorers conduct courses in small classes. Therefore creating a learning environment which is safe and offers the best learning experience.

For those who prefer even more personal attention we offer private courses. During a private course the instructor only teaches you and your friend if you bring one. This way you're guaranteed of the safest and best training available.

Private courses are especially suitable for people who slightly afraid or are expecting to need a little bit more time than offered during a conventional course. You work on your anxiety or can improve your skills in a safe environment at your on pace without any peer pressure. Here at Aquatic Explorers we have your back.

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Learn how to dive with the PADI open water diver course

private dive courses PADI VIP dive course

Diving is one of the most accessible and safe "extreme sports" out there. On top of that diving is very relaxing and easy to learn. Everyone can dive regardless of age and mentality. All that is required is a reasonably good health.

In order to dive independently you first have to finish the PADI open water diver course. After this new worlds will become available for you to explore and you will be allowed to dive all over the world. At Aquatic Explorers we pride ourselves for our high standards with respect to safety and quality.

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Keep extending your skills by participating in any of the continued education courses.

PADI continued education advanced rescue divemaster specialty

It is very important to keep your skills fresh by diving. Another way to improve your skills and extend your diving horizon is by participating one of the many continued education courses Aquatic Explorers has to offer. These courses do not only provide you with new skills and a way to extend your limits but it also is a lot of fun to do.

Aquatic Explorers offers many different PADI courses ranging from Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster and many challenging and fun specialty courses. Also with these continued eduction course we stand for high standard with respect to safety and quality.

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Learn to dive abroad

Learn to dive abroad PADI referral dive courses

Would you like to learn how to dive but the Dutch waters don't really very appealing to you? In that case you can take part in the referral program. You will be doing your dive theory and pool sessions when it suits you at home. The required open water dives you will complete during your holiday in much better water conditions.

This option offers you the opportunity to make the best use of your valuable time during your holidays. You do not need to spend, or waste, days in a classroom and the pool at your holiday location. Instead you only need to complete the 4 open water dives during your holidays. This leaves you with plenty of time to do some additional dives or enjoy your holiday in a different way.

Another advantage is that you have more time to really master your diving skills. In case you need more time to get comfortable in the water or master a skill there will be more time available to do so. If this happens during your holiday there might not be enough time to actually finish your course. Doing the hard stuff at home prevents any nasty surprises.

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